National Preparedness Month (NPM)

ReadyPA Newsletter.pdfReadyPA Newsletter.pdf

September is National Preparedness Month.  National Preparedness Month originated in 2004 and is observed each September in the United States of America.  Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the Department of Homeland Security, National Preparedness Month encourages Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities. 

PEMA is asking everyone to partner and become Partners in an Emergency so you can be Prepared in an Emergency.  To accomplish this, we are encouraging everyone to “Pledge to be Prepared” by signing the pledge located on the Action Sheet located on the last page of the newsletter. 

Sign the pledge, take a selfie with the pledge, and post it on social media using the hashtags: #PAPrepared, #NatlPrep, and #ReadyPA. 

The Action Sheet also contains tips for the most common hazards you may encounter in your home: Fire and Power Outages.  The Action Sheet is designed so you can post this important information on your refrigerator so it will be readily available.

Did you know that September is National Food Safety Awareness Month?   Everyone is encouraged to read this valuable information to avoid the common mistakes that lead to foodborne illnesses. 

September 17-23 is National Passenger Safety Awareness Week.  This article features Pennsylvania requirements for child passengers.  

Finally, staying safe while traveling for business gives safety tips on driving and staying in hotels.

Also included is with this email is the ReadyPA Talking Points and Social Media Kit.  This kit provides you with information, graphics, tag lines and social media message (tweets, etc.) designed to help you promote preparedness in your community.  The content themes in this kit are specifically based on the PEMA and FEMA preparedness messaging calendars and are intended to be shared to help spread these messages.

We encourage you to share the newsletter with your agency, partner agencies, businesses, schools, faith based groups, your family and friends.  Remember, the ReadyPA Monthly is also available at