​The mass vaccination mandate issued by the federal government charges the states with the responsibility to equitably distribute COVID-19 vaccine across all areas of each state.  The County and its healthcare partner Wellspan have no control over when we will receive a vaccine delivery, or when we will transition to the next phase vaccine Phase, or what groups are included in each of the Phases.  Those decision are all made by DOH personnel.

Currently, we are in Phase 1a of the DOH’s Mass Vaccination Plan.  (COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan V.5 can be accessed at: )  In Phase 1a, health care personnel, long-term care facilities, and older adults and those with underlying medical conditions are eligible to receive the vaccine.  Wellspan has been providing the vaccine to health care professionals, and contracted pharmacies have been addressing the long-term care facilities.  Older adults and those with underlying medical conditions were just recently added to the 1a Phase by DOH.  Wellspan has already begun to address these (2) new additions to the Phase 1a group.  

Wellspan and DES are working to finalize a plan to increase the accessibility to the vaccine, as DOH provides more vaccine doses to Adams county.  This includes the activation of a POD, located centrally in the county, where residents will report according to the DOH Phase Plan to receive their vaccination.  When the POD is activated, the location will be publicized in the local media and on the County’s website. That announcement should happen shortly.

While you are waiting for your Phased opportunity to report for a vaccination, we are encouraging individuals to go to the Wellspan Healthcare  webpage ( to sign-up for a “MyWellspan” account.  If you already have a “MyWellspan” account, you do not need to create a new account. The “MyWellspan” account will enable you to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccination when the vaccine doses are available to your Phase group.  Please note that your ability to schedule an appointment is dependent upon the vaccine being provided by DOH to Wellspan.  The webpage is an excellent resource for COVID-19 information, including vaccine availability, and we suggest that you check it frequently.

We want to stress that the Mass Vaccination Plan is very fluid, completely dependent on vaccine availability from the state, and sometimes changes on a daily basis.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to visit the County’s webpage and the Wellspan webpage on a regular basis in order to stay informed of the latest updates to the COVID-19 mass vaccination efforts in Adams County.