Oxford Township
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Township Supervisors
M Frank Sneeringer, Chairman
Harry McKean, Vice Chair​man
​Mario Iocco 
10:00 AM 1st Wednesday
6:30 PM 3rd Tuesday 

Zoning Officer​

Township Solicitor
John Baranski​
Blakey, Bupp, Yost, and Rausch​

Planning Commission
Linda Buffenmyer​​
Robert Martin
Larry Feeser
Verna Feeser
Ronald Groft
Mario Iocco​
Victoria Nicholson
Jeremy King-Alternate
Meets: 6:30 PM | 2nd Wednesday
Nate Simpson
C.S. Davidson, Inc.
Sewage Enforcement Officer
Gilbert Picarelli​
KPI Technology
Ph: (717) 339-0612
Contact Information
780 Hanover St
New Oxford, PA
Phone:​ (717) 624-4544​
Fax: (717) 624-3511​

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Township Secretary​

Township Manager

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