Liberty Township
Please contact the municipality for the most current ordinances.

Township Supervisors
John Bostek, Chairperson
Walter Barlow
Bob Jackson

Meets: 7:30 PM | 1st Tuesday
Permit/ Zoning Officer
Jamie Harbaugh
Land & Sea Services
​Ph: 642-3782
Township Solicitor
John Phillips
Phillips & Phillips
​Ph: 337-3353


Planning Commission
Nancy Wenchoff, Chairperson
LeeEsta Shaffer, Secretary
​Vince Gee
Paul Harner
Judy Hogan​
Barbara Ruppert
Meets: 7:30 PM | 3rd Tuesday
KPI Technology
Ph: 339-0612
Sewage Enforcement Officer​
KPI Technology​
Ph: 339-0612  
Contact Information:
39 Topper Rd.
Fairfield, PA 17320 ​
Phone:​ (717) 642-3780​
Fax:​ (717) 642-5307​
Monday - Thursday
8 AM -4 PM
Friday 8 AM - 2 PM  
Township Secretary
LeeEsta Shaffer

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