Freedom Township
Please contact the municipality for the most current ordinances.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Township Supervisors
Matt Young, Chair
Paul Kellett, Vice Chair
Brett Johnston

Meets: 7:00 PM | 2nd Wednesday

Zoning Officer​ ​​
Zach R. Gulden 
Ph: (717) 873-0475

Township Solicitor​ 
Linus Fenicle​ ​
​Reager & Adler​
Ph: (717) 763-1383


Planning Commission
Wayne Belt, Chair
Paul Sharrer, Vice-Chair​
Edward Buchheit, Jr,
Richard Groomes
John Sica
Meets: 7:00 PM | 1st Wednesday

Building Permit Officer
PA Municipal Code Alliance
Ph: (717) 496-4996
Sewage Enforcement Officer
KPI Technology
Ph: (717) 339-0612


Contact Information:

2184 Pumping Station Rd
Fairfield, PA 17320

Phone:​ (717) 873-0475
Fax: (717) 337-3545​

Hours by appt only
Township Manager
Zach Gulden
Township Secretary
Zach Gulden

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