‚ÄčTo all Oxford Township Residents:
The following information is some commonly asked questions from township residents.
FIRE ORDINANCE- Kindling of outdoor fire must be in a noncombustible container with screen of one half- (1/2) inch mesh over the top. Containers must be 50' from any structure, 10' from side property line and 25' from front and rear property lines. Any outside fire not in an approved container must be reported by the person responsible, to Adams County Control prior to any burning. There will be NO burning of any motor vehicles or parts without the Townships permission.
LAND USE , UCC (State-Code) BUILDING PERMITS & ZONING PERMITS- Any construction/ renovation/ replacement valued at two thousand, five hundred(2,500) dollars or more requires a Building Permit. Additional information & applications may be obtained at the Township Office. The value & type of work will determine which permit, is required. (includes driveways, prefab sheds, fences & pools). UCC Inspections required for plan review, footers, electricity & plumbing by Middle Department. Zoning Permits are also required. Also an Adams County permit is required if value is $2,500 or more, before the start of any construction or improvement.
DOG LAW- The Township does not have an ordinance on dogs. Any dog complaints should be taken to the State Dog Law Enforcement Officer, Brandon Mitchem at 717-756-4350 or for an emergency 911 and non-emergency 624-2101.
HOUSE NUMBERING- All owners/residents are responsible to have house numbers displayed on their home and mailbox, to be visible from the roadway, minimum of 3' in height & reflective.
FENCE RESTRICTIONS- Any fence or wall may be located up to but not on a property line, easement or right-of-way. A fence or wall in the front yard shall not exceed 4' in height. A fence in other locations shall not exceed 6' for residential properties. On a commercial or industrial lot a fence or wall in the front yard shall not exceed 6' in height., in other locations shall not be higher than 8'. Agricultural lots a fence or wall to contain animals shall not exceed 10 feet in any location.
WEED RESTRICTION- All grass, weeds, etc. must be kept mowed to a level of 6" inches or less.
SNOW REMOVAL- Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within twenty-four (24) hours after cessation of any snow, sleet or freezing rain.
YARD SALE- Permits may be picked up at the Township building. There is a limit of two in any consecutive 12-month period. The complete regulations are available at the office. There is a fee of $5.00 for each permit.
There are penalties connected with all violations.
Please contact the Township Office if you have any questions on these or other Ordinances.