New Oxford Fire Department
New Oxford Fire Company Operation
The New Oxford Fire Company's first due response area includes approximately 31.5 square miles with approximately 25,000 people, covering all of New Oxford Borough along with sections of Oxford, Berwick, Straban, Mount Pleasant and Hamilton Townships.  In addition to that response area, they also respond into surrounding towns and townships to support other fire departments with fire, rescue, and emergency medical service (EMS) incidents.
The New Oxford Fire Company is 100% VOLUNTEER! They are always looking for new members to assist with firefighting, EMS and non-emergency events.  In 2007, the fire department received 391 calls for fire and rescue service, 1377 EMS calls, and logged over 1000 hours of training as a department. Service specifically to Oxford Township in 2007 included, 104 responses for fire and rescue service, making Oxford Township the largest municipality served by the New Oxford Fire Company.
These figures do not include the weekly Bingo's, Carnival, and numerous other fundraisers that we must have to support the department financially.  We depend on our Fundraising and Community Donations to continue to operate the fire department. Please visit the fire company’s website at to view upcoming fundraisers and purchase tickets online when available.
How Can I Help?
Because we are 100% VOLUNTEER, NOFC is actively looking for new members! You can join the Fire Company at the age of 14 as a Junior Firefighter. These members assist in fundraising, attend trainings, and support the firefighters in firefighting activities. Members of any age are welcomed, whether interested in firefighting, EMS, or simply to assist in our fundraising efforts. To join or donate to the fire company you can stop by the firehouse at 21 North Bolton Street, or call 624-7456.
Further information on membership, incidents, training, news, and fundraising events can be found at the fire company’s website,
Emergency Medical Services
Currently the New Oxford Fire Company operates two ambulances, a 2004 4x4 Ford F450 Horton Ambulance, and a 2007 Ford F450 Horton Ambulance which is available 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.  The cost of purchasing a fully stocked ambulance is approximately $175,000.  This does not include annual maintenance, or restocking of supplies and fuel.
In 1997 the company hired several employees to staff the ambulance during daylight hours, while most volunteers are working. Staffing levels consist of 2 paid EMTs 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. The paid staff covers the first due ambulance, while volunteer EMTs and firefighters staff the second ambulance. The two ambulances responded to a combined total of 1377 EMS calls in 2007.
Services also offered include non emergency transports to and from doctors’ offices, hospitals, rehab centers and dialysis facilities.  If you would like to arrange for a non-emergency transport, please contact the station at 624-7456.
How Can I Help?
As always, the New Oxford Fire Company is looking for men and women to staff our ambulances. You must be at least 16 years of age to participate in EMS. All required PA State training will be provided, as well as instruction and guidance for departmental guidelines and procedures. If interested, please stop by the firehouse at 21 North Bolton Street, or call 624-7456.
The fire company also offers an annual Ambulance Club Membership. This membership runs yearly from July 1st until June 30th. Ambulance Club Membership forms are mailed each year. If you would like more information about our Ambulance Club, please stop by the firehouse at 21 North Bolton Street, or call 624-7456. It is never too late to join!
Donations are always accepted and should be sent to the New Oxford Fire Company, 21 North Bolton Street, New Oxford PA 17350, ATTN: Ambulance Secretary. Further information on membership, incidents, training, news, and fundraising events can be found at the fire company’s website,
New Oxford Fire Company History
The New Oxford Fire Company was originally established January 14, 1887 by concerned citizens of New Oxford Borough.  The first firehouse was located on West High Street, and the building still exists today.  In 2003, the New Oxford Chamber of Commerce and numerous volunteers throughout the community refurbished the building to bring it back to what it looked like in the early years at N.O.F.C.  Ground breaking was held in August 1948 for construction of a new engine house located at the corner of North Bolton Street and West Golden Lane.  A four bay engine house was built in 1994 adjacent to the building on Bolton Street.  The firehouse includes a Training Room, Fire Chief's office, EMS office and radio room.  The building adjacent to the new addition is still in use for fundraisers, hall rentals, and banquets.
Over the years, equipment changed dramatically.  The first fire engine was from the horse and buggy era; however it was not horse drawn, but pulled by firefighters to the scene of a fire.  Current apparatus includes a 2006 Pierce Dash 105’ Aerial Truck, 1997 Pierce Saber Engine, 1991 Pierce Lance Heavy Duty Rescue, 2005 Ford F350 Service Truck, and a 1996 Orion rescue sled.
The New Oxford Fire Company Emergency Medical Services was initiated in 1952, with a donation from the Lion's Club.  The Lion's Club realized the need for emergency medical service, and gave the Fire Company a fully stocked 1946 Buick ambulance.
Over fifty years later, the fire company’s EMS is providing more services then was ever anticipated in 1952. In 1997, the ambulance responded to 890 calls for service, and in 2007 the ambulance responded to 1377 calls for service.
Warning Siren
The Oxford Township Board of Supervisors want to remind the public during tornado season the New Oxford and Irishtown Fire Companies have a 3 minute long siren, to warn the public to take cover and tune in to the local radio or television station for emergency details.  This siren covers General Emergencies, Hurricane and/or Tornado Warnings, Flash Flooding, Air Raids, etc...