Irishtown Fire Department

‚ÄčIrishtown Fire Company Operations
The Irishtown Fire Company is 100% volunteer. The fire company is always looking for new members to assist with firefighting, fire police activities, and fund raising events. With the assistance of United Hook & Ladder, the Irishtown Fire Company protects the almost 5,000 residents who live and play here in Oxford Township. In addition to the generous support from the township, the Irishtown Fire Company performs fund raisers to raise funds to pay for daily operating expenses.
How Can You Help?
Because Irishtown Fire Company is 100% VOLUNTEER, they are actively looking for new members. You can join the fire company at the age of 14 as a Junior Firefighter. These members assist in fund raising, attend trainings, and support the firefighters in firefighting activities. Members of any age are always welcome! Whether its driving the Engine to a call, putting a fire out, or making roast beef for a banquet, theres something for everyone to help with.
Operation 1st Alert
Irishtown Fire Company is proud to announce "Operation First Alert". This smoke detector program is designed to offer free smoke detectors and/or batteries to residents of Oxford Township. For more information on how to receive a free smoke detector or replacement battery for your home, call 717-624-4141. You can also request a free smoke detector or replacement battery by emailing the Program Coordinator, the link is on the fire company website,
This is YOUR Community Fire Station
Please feel free to visit the Irishtown Fire Company. Because they are volunteers, you are encouraged to call and pre-arrange a time. Feel free to bring the children or grandchildren around to see that firefighters are not "scary" but are people like you and me! Feel free to call the fire house at 717-624-4141 or visit the website to arrange a time.
More Information
Further information on membership, fund raising activities, training, incidents, and news please visit the Irishtown Fire Company website at