Over the years, Oxford Township has changed from a rural/farming community to a more residential community with the addition of several developments; Colonial Acres, Evergreen Estates, Heritage Estates, Hollywood Estates, Irish Meadows, Oxen Country Meadows, Oxford Estates, Oxford Glen, Simme Valley Estates and South Branch Estates.  This change from a farming community to a residential community is apparent by looking at the population figure of 3435 residents in 1990, 4876 residents in 2000 to 5517 people in 2010.

The Township employees went from a part-time Secretary with office hours 2 nights a week and a Roadmaster; currently employed is a  Secretary and Treasurer full-time personnel, having office hours 5 days a week, and a Roadmaster, 1 full-time Maintenance Employee who are responsible for maintaining 27.17 miles of Township roads.  A Zoning Officer, Codes Enforcement Officer and Building Permit Officer who works part-time.

 Municipal Data

Township Incorporated:                                                                           1847​
​Number of Employees: ​Full Time: 4
Budget:​ ​1.5 million dollars
​Population: ​5517
​Total Square Mileage: ​9.717
​Miles of Road with PennDOT: ​39.89
​Total Miles of State Roads: ​12.72
​Turnback Miles: ​2.29
​Total Miles of Township Roads: 27.17