Over the years, Oxford Township has changed from a rural/farming community to a more residential community with the addition of several developments; Colonial Acres, Evergreen Estates, Heritage Estates, Hollywood Estates, Irish Meadows, Oxen Country Meadows, Oxford Estates, Oxford Glen, Oxford Pointe, Simme Valley Estates and South Branch Estates.  This change from a farming community to a residential community is apparent by looking at the population figure of 3435 residents in 1990, 4876 residents in 2000, 5517 residents in 2010 to 5936 residents in 2020.

The Township employees went from a part-time Secretary with office hours 2 nights a week and a Roadmaster; currently employed is a Manager/BCO, Secretary/Asst Treasurer and Treasurer full-time personnel having office hours 5 days a week.  A Roadmaster and 1 full-time employee are responsible for maintaining 27.47 miles of Township roads.  An Adminstrative Assistant who works part-time.
Municipal Data
Township Incorporated:                                                                           1847​
​Number of Employees: ​Full Time: 5
Part Time: 1
Budget:​ ​1.5 million dollars
​Population: ​5517
​Total Square Mileage: ​9.717
​Miles of Road with PennDOT: 40.19
​Total Miles of State Roads: ​12.72
​Turnback Miles: ​2.29
​Total Miles of Township Roads: 27.47