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     Snow Emergency Information

​     The Borough provides notice to the local radio stations WGET and WHVR, television stations Channel 8 and Channel 27 and 
     local newspapers.

     The Borough of McSherrystown wishes to remind all Borough residents and the motoring public in general, pertinent sections of 
     the McSherrystown Borough Snow Emergency Route Ordinance. The major provisions of this ordinance are as follows:

     There will be no parking permitted on both sides of a designated snow emergency route. These routes are identified by official snow 
     emergency route signs.

     No parking is permitted when a No parking is permitted when a total of four or more inches of precipitation have fallen or 
     the potential for that amount has been forecast
. To travel on any of these streets, snow tires, chains or all weather tires are required 
     on autos.

     The effected streets which are Snow Emergency Routes are as follows:

     South Street - South Oxford Avenue to Academy Street
     North Street - North Oxford Avenue to Front Street
     South Fifth Street – Blettner Avenue to Main Street
     Academy Street – South Street to Main Street
     North Third Street – Main Street to North Street

     Both sides of the effected routes are designated no parking during the declared emergency. Fines for violation of the ordinance are 
     one hundred dollars along with the potential of towing and storage costs.

     Residents and landowners are also reminded that snow, ice and slush must be removed from sidewalks a minimum of two feet 
     in width within twenty four hours after precipitation has ceased to fall
. Residents are also alerted that it is unlawful to deposit 
     the removed precipitation onto the street. Fines for these violations start at one hundred dollars plus costs. Failure to remove the 
     precipitation will also cause the Borough to remove same thus affixing the costs onto the property owner in addition to any fine imposed.