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sewage-pipe.jpg  Where does your dirty water go?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Time: 6:30PM

COUNCIL 2022 Meetings
​Jan 11th - Canceled ​Jan 25th               
​Feb 8th - Canceled Feb 22nd​
​Mar 8th Mar 22nd​
​Apr 12th Apr 26th​
​May 10th May 24th
​Jun 14th Jun 28th​
​Jul 12th Jul 26th​
​Aug 9th - Canceled
Aug 23rd​
​Sept 13th Sept 27th​
​Oct 11th Oct 25th​
​Nov 8th
​Nov 22nd
​Dec 13th ​Dec 27th

Planning Commission 2022 Meetings
​Jan 13th                    
​Feb 10th - Canceled
​Mar 10th - Canceled Apr 14th​
​May 12th - Canceled Jun 9th​
​Jul 14th - Canceled Aug 11th​
​Sept 8th - Canceled Oct 6th
​Nov 10th - Canceled Dec 8th​
Monday, 28
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​Community Park ​Overhaul Project
The​ Littlestown Borough has a new site to keep residents updated on the Community Park Overhaul Project

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