Littlestown History Cont'd

KingStreetLittlestown.jpgPeter Klein (Little) had been granted a patent September 18, 1760 by the Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania for 311 acres. As originally laid out, Littlestown contained 84 lots, systematically arranged, in equal and regular order, fronting on both sides of what are now King and Queen Streets. Each lot was 66-feet wide and 264 feet deep and sold for three pounds with the provision that the buyer pay as annual ground rent of seven shillings, six pence ($1.00). Although when and where the first house was erected could not be determined for certain, the house at 316 East King Street is supposedly the oldest in town.

First School in Littlestown, PAIt was near Littlestown that the first school in Adams County was opened – near Christ Church,FirstSchoolinLittlestown.jpg
years before 1747. The first teacher was John Krentz and German was exclusively taught. For many years, Littlestown had two log school buildings – one at the east end and one at the west end of town. In 1872, the first brick school building was erected where the present Community Center stands. The present Community Center building was built in 1901.
General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, with a division of Washington’s Army, passed through Littlestown in May of 1781 on the way to Yorktown to capture Cornwallis at the end of the Revolutionary War. His stop-over may have led to rumors that Washington had visited Littlestown.[Read More]