Waste Pickup Recycling

Liberty Township selected Park’s Garbage Service as their service Provider. Residents will receive Waste Collection/Disposal, Large Item Pick-up, Bi-weekly Recycling and Quarterly Covered Device Drop-off for an annual cost of $215.00 per year. For those generating less waste, a Standard Per-Bag Service (12 Bag-Tags) may be utilized at $54.

​Parks Garbage Service provides trash removal service to Liberty Township. Please click here Parks Garbage website for more information or call 1-800-486-4490.

Adams County Recycling Information Brochure may be viewed here Recycling Brochure.

Recyclable trash may be disposed of at the Adams Rescue Mission, 2525 York Rd, Gettysburg, PA and at the Washington Township Refuse Transfer and Recycling Center at 12721 Buchannan Trail East, in Franklin County, PA. Items eligible for recycling and the hours of operation are listed at the Adams Rescue Mission website and at the Washington Township website.