​The area of the township is 39 square miles, and there are a total of 50 miles of paved roads, including 31 miles of roads maintained by the Township and 19 miles of roads maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Road Department
Address:31 Carrolls Tract Road
Phone: 717-642-8531
Fax: 717-642-8004
Email: hbtroads@embarqmail.com
Road Coordinator: J. Edward Deardorff
Roadmaster: Ray Herr, Jr.
Full time road worker: Jim Eyler
Part time road workers: Philip Sponseller and Dick Wivell


Nuisance Ordinance No. 2013-04 was adopted in an effort to keep the Township clean and our residents safe. Depositing debris, which includes grass clippings and snow, onto public roads is considered a nuisance and is illegal and prohibited. Grass clippings and/or snow put onto the road creates dangerous driving conditions for motorists.
Another important reminder is that it is the homeowner's responsibility to keep water off the roadways, and to maintain your driveway pipe by removing leaves and debris.

Proposed 2019 Road Projects
Beginning this spring the Road Department will start work on Hickory Bridge Road Project which will include a portion of Carrolls Tract Road.  Seal coating projects for 2019 include Gum Springs Road, Mount Hope Road, Zoo Road and Moritz Road.  Special projects of paving will be done on Cold Springs Road, Mt. Carmel Road, Gum Springs Road, upper section Mt. Hope Road, and intersection of Bullfrog and Route 116.
It was a busy winter for the Road Department.  Again in mid April, Roadmaster Ray Herr and the Board of Supervisors conducted a Road Audit reviewing the townships five year plan for maintenance and improvements. 
The road crew does plan on clearing vegetation and tree overhang, as well as mowing and inspections of roads and bridges on a regular basis.  For detailed information on these projects or if you have concern about the Township roads, please contact the Road Department at 717-642-8531 or at hbtroads@embarqmail.com.

As always the Road Department does it's best to remove snow from the roadways as quick and efficient as possible. Please
give the Road Crew room to do their job by leaving room between your vehicle and the snow plow trucks. Slow down and be alert to the road conditions and your surroundings. One important section of the Nuisance Ordinance (2013-04) refers to depositing debris (i.e. snow and grass clippings) on the roadway, we ask for your assistance by refraining from shoveling or blowing snow onto the roadways as it creates a hazard for motorists. Furthermore, snow pushed out onto the road will be pushed back onto your driveway when the snow plow passes your home. For more PennDOT Winter Resources please click on this link.