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Joint Parks and Recreation Commission Narrative of Hamiltonban Community Park Progress

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In 2007 the Hamiltonban Township (HBT) Parks and Recreation Commission was formed by the Board of Supervisors to seek out Recreational Opportunities for our residents. A joint parks and recreation plan was adopted with Fairfield Borough called the Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Recreation Plan. In 2016, the HBT Parks and Recreation Commission was expanded and became the Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Parks and Recreation Commission.

The Commission has been hard at work forming community partners to support the development and construction of a small neighborhood park at the 4020 Bullfrog Road property owned by the Township. The Commission used a State Grant provided through the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) in 2013 to prepare the Site Development Plan of this small three acre park. We successfully secured a DCNR (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) grant in the amount of $53,000 with a match from our partners of $53,000 to begin the first Stage of the park in 2017. These grant funds will provide for the first section of walking path from the parking area to a train themed Play structure and a Pavilion.

Stage II funding is now in progress. Stage II of the park will complete the first walking loop, expand the play area with swings and a natural play area, erect educational interpretive panels and provide Senior Exercise Stations along the path. It wil also provide a teaching, demonstration pollinator meadow with the assistance of Penn State University's Extension & Master Gardener Programs. The park will provide for enjoyment for challenged children and adults, multi-lingual visitors, Seniors' exercise and a multitude of educational amenities that will interest the minds of every age group. The Joint Commission has received a $15,000 WellSpan Community Grant towards the Senior Fitness area and a $23,625 Adams County Green Space Grant to assist with several areas of construction. Pending is an Adams County Community Foundation Grant and 2017 DCNR Grant to be awarded in the Fall of 2017 with great preliminary reviews from our DCNR consultants.  Once received State II construction can begin next year in 2018 and will completed the first circuit and its attractions.  This multi-generational, completely ADA compliant park will not be able to be completed until after final funding is available for the smaller walking loop extension.

Stage III will address the smaller walking loop, rain garden enhancement and park signage with roadside fencing. The Commission is very appreciative of the support of our business community and continues our drive for contributions to the project, both large and small. We would appreciate YOUR HELP!

We invite you to follow this web page as we GROW and welcome you to our meetings.

Please make your donation payable to Hamiltonban Township, PO Box 526, Fairfield, PA 17320 and mark it “Park”. Thank you.

We invite you to follow this web page as we GROW and welcome you to our meetings.
The Parks and Recreation Commission was established May 1, 2007 by Ordinance 2007-01.

​Click the link to see the plans for the proposed three acre Township park to be located at 4020 Bullfrog Road.
Proposed Township Park Plan