Code of Ordinance and Resolutions​​

Complete Code of Ordinance


Table of Contents
Zoning Map
Riparian Buffer
Steep Slopes
Overlay Districts
Stormwater Management
Subdivision and Land Development

Newly adopted Ordinances not incorporated into the Code: 

2021-08 Driveway Construction Amendment

2021-09 SALDO Amendments - Lot Consolidation and Shared Driveways 

2010-10 Zoning Amendment - Swimming Pools

2022-01 Zoning Amendment - Conditional Use - Residential Housing Community

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) refers to in many instances the Hamiltonban Township Construction and Material Specification Manual and Fire Protection Development Standards - Please view these two documents below.:

Construction and Material Specifications Manual Click Here to view the manual
​Fire Protection Development Standards Click Here to view the document. This document has been approved by Fairfield Fire and EMS and Fountaindale Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Previously passed resolutions  
  • Years: 2021-1996

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