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January, 2016
The Winter season has been very mild for snow and frozen precipitation, however, we know that will change! 
During snow and ice conditions the Township Ordinance requires that motor vehicles not be parked on Township roads / streets in such a manner as to impede or obstruct the snow / ice removal.  The Township also requests that basketball backboard systems be immediately removed from the public street as this impedes our plow operators from safely and efficiently treating the streets.
To reduce the amount of snow that is plowed at your driveway entrance from the public street, please consider removing or snow blowing the snow that is located when facing your driveway to the right as illustrated below into your front yard.  Please be sure not to deposit any snow from your property onto the public street as this causes a public safety hazard with freezing, especially overnight, and reduces the efficiency of our salting/cindering treatment. 
On behalf of the dedicated employees of Cumberland Township, we THANK-YOU for your cooperation as we are one day closer to Spring!
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