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Trash Collection


     Trash Collection

   Abbottstown has a new trash collector, ADVANCED DISPOSAL. They were chosen to fill the three year contract beginning in 2014 as part of 
   the Adams County Trash Collection bid process.

   Here are some highlights:

   Regular trash pick-up is Wednesday beginning January 8th.

   Recycle pick-up is every other Wednesday beginning January 8th.

   You are not required to have trash pick-up or to recycle, but if you choose to, you must use the Borough approved collector, 

   Customer service number is 1-800-338-8971

   Pick-up includes one bulk item per week

   Cost is $34.32 per quarter billed directly by ADVANCED DISPOSAL

   Important Notice: Trash - TV, Computers and Components
   Advanced Disposal will NOT pick up old TV, computers or computer components. Please contact Adams Rescue Mission at 717-334-7502 
   for information on disposal options.