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 Building Regulatory Process


   Building Regulatory Process 

Frequently Asked Questions:

   Question:  What permits do I need for my project?
   Answer: Each Borough has their own requirements for permits, but for the most part you need to get a Building Permit / Land Use 
   Permit,  Zoning Permit, and County Permit. Depending on your project, others may also apply.

   Question: How much will the permits cost?
   Answer: The cost of permits is based on the project scope and size.

   Question: What permits do I need to post on site?
   Answer: You will need a Zoning Permit from your borough, a Building Permit from your borough and a County Construction Permit from 
   the County.

   Question: What do I need for a Plan Review?
   Answer: Floor Plans (include measurements, room designation, and window and door sizes), Cross section (if you cut house in half, how it 
   will be constructed from roof to footers), and additional permits as required by your borough.

   Question: When do I need permits from the Borough?
   Answer: Permits are required for, but not limited to the following: Residential and Commercial Construction, Signs, Sewage, Swimming 
   Pool Construction, Garages, Storage Sheds, Covered Porches, Decks, Outbuildings, Driveways, Peddlers.

   Application Contact Process:

   1)  Adams County Office of Planning & Development
        Rob Thaeler 
        670 Old Harrisburg Road, Suite 100 
        Gettysburg, PA 17325

   2)  Land and Sea Services LLC  
        1837 Heidlersburg Road  
        Aspers, PA  17304

        ** Begin any project in need of a permit with Adams County Office of Planning & Development