What if…?
What if you called to report a fire or other emergency, and no one answered the call?
It’s a burning question all across our county, state, and nation.

In thousands of U.S. and Pennsylvania communities just like ours, most emergency response services are provided by volunteers.

Who are these Volunteers? 
They’re people just like you, men and women of all ages, from all walks of life. They give something to their communities that money can’t buy: themselves, their time and talent, their care and concern.

Why should you become an emergency services volunteer?
Simple. Because if you don’t, someday you may call for help and find there’s no one to answer the call. In Pennsylvania, in just the past 10 years alone, the ranks of our volunteer fire companies have declined by 54 percent.

Volunteering is easy.
Simply step forward and ask how you can help. All Adams County fire departments are in need of help! Find the department that covers your home or business and give them a call...

You Don’t Need to Fight Fires to Volunteer
According to a recent survey in our area, the root cause of decline in active participation in our volunteer fire companies can be directly attributed to the fact that those who fight fires are also burdened with the many other necessary tasks to keep our fire companies afloat. It’s the biggest contributor to “burn out” among active volunteers. So, in addition to thinking about becoming a trained volunteer firefighter, please consider helping in other ways as well, such as: fund-raising, vehicle and facility maintenance, record keeping, accounting and community and public relations.

Answer the call.
Your participation, and that of your neighbors, is crucial if we are to keep our volunteer fire companies alive and well–and avoid the costly alternative of a huge tax increase to pay for paid fire protection down the road.
Think you can’t make a difference? Think again. No matter how you choose to help out, you’ll find schedules are flexible, new friends are assured, and the long-term personal and community rewards from performing this critical public service are immeasurable. So, volunteer today. Do it for others…and then discover all it can do for you!
This article adapted from Fairview Township Fire Department