About ACBA
The purpose for which the ACBA was formed is:
  • To share information among its members related to the health, safety, welfare, economics, management and governance of  each borough that enhances the quality of life for their residents. 
  • To provide a forum for its members to respond to issues of common concern. 
  • To promote constructive and cooperative relationships among Adams County boroughs and between the ACBA and other local, county and state entities to better serve their residents. 
  • To provide representation on Adams County entities (council of governments, committees, advisory boards, etc.) and the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB). 
  • To recommend legislation beneficial to boroughs as well as to oppose legislation that may be detrimental to boroughs. 
  • To implement the aims and objectives for which the PSAB has been formed.


The Adams County Boroughs Association consists of thirteen boroughs listed below and members-at-large. Click the borough for local information regarding email addresses, names of elected officials, committees and borough staff, etc.

•    Abbottstown Borough
•    Arendtsville Borough
•    Bendersville Borough
•    Biglerville Borough
•    Bonneauville Borough
•    Carroll Valley Borough
•    East Berlin Borough
•    Fairfield Borough
•    Gettysburg Borough
•    Littlestown Borough
•    McSherrystown Borough
•    New Oxford Borough
•    York Springs Borough