​Restitution is court ordered, which means that the judge will order the offender at the time of sentencing to pay restitution to you for your losses. It is your right as a victim of crime to receive restitution for your losses. It may include bills from doctors, hospital, dentists or counseling.  It can pay for medicine, funeral costs and loss wages due to an injury.  It can also pay for damages to your property or stolen items.  You will receive paperwork prior to court asking for your restitution request.  Please keep all of your bills and receipts for documentation of your request.   If you have any questions please call and speak to an advocate.

Defendants are put on a payment plan and collection is processed through the Adams County Clerk of Courts Office. If the Defendants are not making their restitution payments they will held in contempt of court.  If you have additional questions regarding restitution please call the Adams County Victim Assistance Office at 337-9844 and we can track the payment of your court ordered restitution.