Meet Your Treasurer
Image of Crissy Redding Adams County Treasurer
Christine (Crissy) Redding, The Treasurer Is An Elected County Office. Elected By The Residents Of Adams County. As The Treasurer I Respectfully And Honorably Represent All Residents Of The County With Accountability And Efficiency.
Remaining Mindful To The Oath & Responsibility Of The Position

“The County Code” (Established By Act – August 9, 1955) Determines The Requirements And Functions/Duties Of The Office Which Include:
  • Being Responsible For Receiving And Depositing All Monies Due And Payable To The County 
  • Releasing And Disbursing All Expenditures On The Treasury 
  • Being Fiscally Prudent In Maintaining Cash Management Through Short To Intermediate Term Investments 
A Primary Agent On Behalf Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania For The Sales Of Licenses/Permits:
  • Dog Licenses
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Sportsman Firearm Permit
  • Bingo Licenses
  • Small Games Of Chance
  • Special Raffle Permits

Our Office Works Very Closely With The 34 Township/Borough Tax Collectors With-In The County On Current Year County/Municipal Real Estate And Per-Capita Taxes.

The Treasurer’s Office Is Committed To Delivering Dignified And Respectful Service With The Highest Standard Of Integrity In The Most Professional Of Conduct.
Crissy Redding,
Adams County
​117 Baltimore Street
​Room 101
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone:​ 717-337-9833 ​
Fax:​ 717-334-6498