Hunting License

Hunting License

Fee Schedule - 2018-19 Hunting License

Allows new hunters to complete Hunter-Trapper Education anywhere, anytime.
Many first-time buyers of Pennsylvania hunting or furtaker licenses have a new, convenient option for completing the required certification course. [Read More]

Anterless Deer License

First Day Applications May Be Received By County Treasurer

​(Must use the official PGC Pink envelope)
Antlerless License (residents)​
​Antlerless License (nonresidents) ​
​Unsold Antlerless, 1st round, one per applicant ​ ​
​Unsold Antlerless, 2nd round, one per applicant

Over-the-Counter Sales 

​WMU's 2B, 5C, & 5D only ​
​Other WMU's (if other licenses available)
July 9
July 16
​August 6
​August 20

​  ​

August 27

​October 1

Additional Instructions:

Application forms can be obtained on: 

  • The yellow panel issued with the license
  • The Game Commission website
  • Handout provided by issuing agent
Dead Letter File​
Applications that do not include return postage will be sent to a dead letter file maintained by the County Treasurer's Office. Applicants who believe that their antlerless deer license application may be in the dead letter file may call during business hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mail-Order Application/Affidavit for Replacement of a Lost Antlerless Deer License