How Do I
 Can I make payments?

​Yes, please contact our office for options.

 Can the property owner redeem their property?

NO. There is no redemption period.​

 Do I need to register for the Tax Sales?

​YES. Please see the County website for more information.

 How do I obtain a list of the sales?

​The sale list is advertised in The Gettysburg Times, The Hanover Evening Sun and the Adams County Legal Journal.  The ad usually runs the last Friday in July.  You may also view the list on the County web site or you may purchase the list over the counter at a cost of $.25 per page.

 Is this a Tax Certificate Sale? 

​NO, you will receive a deed to the property.

 What do I need for payment of the property I purchased? 

​The property must be paid in full at the time the property is struck down.  This includes your bid price plus transfer fees, recording fees and any other costs not included in the minimum bid.  The first $100.00 of each property purchased must be paid in cash.  The balance can be paid by check or any other satisfactory form of payment, sorry no credit or debit cards.

 What forms of payment do you accept?

​Cash, Money Order, Personal Check. (If your property is listed for sale cash or certified check ONLY will be accepted) Checks and Money Orders should be made out to Adams County Tax Claim Bureau. Mastercard and Visa credit and debt cards are accepted. 

 What is a Judicial Sale?

​Properties that do not receive the minimum bid at upset sale will be held for another year.  The Courts will be petitioned to sell the properties free and clear of liens, judgments and/or mortgages etc.  The starting minimum sale price (except for purchase by the County) shall be all costs incurred by the Adams County Tax Claim Bureau including costs set forth in the Upset Price at the prior sale and additional costs associated with the property incurred relative to this sale, including the fee for title search, as of the sale date.

 What is a Repository Property? 

​Any property that has been through both the upset and judicial sales is placed on the repository list.  Interested persons may place a written bid for these properties through out the year.

 What is an Upset Sale? 

​Sale of property (real estate) for the purpose of collecting delinquent real estate taxes.  There is a minimum bid that must be met for the property to be sold.  This bid consists of all delinquent real estate taxes, current real estate tax and costs incurred up to the date of the sale.  This is not a free and clear sale.  Purchasers who buy property at an upset sale will assume any liens, judgments and/or mortgages etc.  These are not collected at sale.  It is your responsibility to do the research.

 When is the next Tax Sale?

​Upset Sale is always scheduled in September of each year.  Adams County Judicial Sale is also scheduled in September. Repository properties can be bid on throughout the year. See the Tax Services Home page for the current year date.  

 Where can I find a copy of the Repository List?

​A list is maintained on the Tax Services Web Page of the Adams County web site.