Sheriff Sales
​The Adams County Sheriff's Office will now be holding all Sheriff Sales virtually through Bid4Assets.

Ba​sic Bidding Information for Mortgage Foreclosure Properties

  1. ​​You will be bidding against the bank.
  2. The bank has a predetermined amount that they will bid to. This is  called the "upset price". Only the bank, on day of sale, knows what this amount will be. It may be more or less than the judgment amount.
  3. If you are the successful bidder, upon the auction’s close, purchaser will have their deposit applied towards their balance due. Purchaser must pay the balance of 20% of the purchase price plus a 1.5% buyer’s premium (on the total purchase price) by close of the next business day of the Sheriff’s Office.  The balance (of your bid) is due within 20 calendar days. If the balance is not paid within those 20 days, you lose your down payment.
  4. The deed will be recorded in approximately 60 days.
  5. You will not have the deed in time to use that property for a mortgage. (Therefore, you cannot be pre-approved for a mortgage). The properties are not guaranteed in any way and debts against that property may become yours. It is strongly recommended that a title search be conducted on any property prior to bid. 
  6. The properties are owned by the debtors until they are sold on day of sale. Properties are not open for public viewing.

Real Estate Statement of Value - If the most recent form (Real Estate Statement of Value) is not used, your Deed will be rejected by the Adams County Recorder of Deeds.



All Sheriff Sales start at 10:00 a.m. 

Adams County, Pennsylvania Sheriff Sale auctions are available now on Bid4Assets. This video will guide you through the steps to participate in these auctions including registering a Bid4Assets account and due diligence research.