Civil and Personal Property
The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Civil Services is responsible for processing and serving legal documents throughout Adams County and deputizing other Counties for service outside of our jurisdiction.  Contact Erica Kirkner, Ext. 1335.
On average this department receives 100 requests for service per month.

The division is responsible for serving such documents as follows:
  • Writs of Summons and Complaints
  • Subpoenas
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Divorce Actions
  • Support Actions

Service of these documents will be attempted in accordance with Pa Title 231: Rule 402. (Manner of Service. Acceptance of Service): 

​​A. Original process may be served
1. ​by handing a copy to the defendant; or
2. ​by handing a copy
  (i) at the residence of the defendant to an adult member of the family with whom he resides; but if no adult member of the
      family is found, then to an adult person in charge of such residence; or
  (ii) at the residence of the defendant to the clerk or manager of the hotel, inn, apartment house, boarding house or other place
       of lodging at which he resides; or
  (iii) at any office or usual place of business of the defendant to his agent or to the person for the time being in charge thereof.

 B. In lieu of service under this rule, the defendant or his authorized agent may accept service…
The Sheriff’s Office requires service forms to be completed for each defendant to be served with a case and also requires a $150.00 advance deposit for each case. For cases that involve more than three (3) defendants, please call our office at (717) 337-9828.|

Personal Property

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Personal Property Services is responsible for processing, serving defendants and garnishments, making levy and conducting sales of personal property for Executions in Money Judgments.

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