CCW-LTC Training Course

​The CCW Training Course grew out of Sheriff Muller’s desire to accommodate numerous requests from individuals obtaining or contemplating obtaining a concealed weapons permit for low cost quality training. We have conducted training for four years now, training hundreds of responsible firearms owners and permit holders. The program is a private/public partnership between the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and one of four gun clubs we partner with. We can provide this low cost training because all of the program instructors volunteer their time and the gun clubs volunteer their facility and staffs.

The cost of the program is $65.00 for a two-day, 16-hour classes are held on weekends and divided between the classroom and range. The classroom portion covers basic nomenclature, safe handling and storage of firearms, selecting the right firearm for self-defense/concealed carry, selecting ammunition, and wound dynamics, stopping power, situational awareness, the moral and legal aspects, post-incident trauma and, what to do after a shooting. Criminal and civil liability issues are covered by the Adams County District Attorney’s Office and private Defense Attorney.  
The range portion covers basic position, stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and weapons presentation. Students have an opportunity to incorporate movement, cover and concealment into the range drills. They will learn to shoot and move, move and shoot, and shooting while moving as well as target discrimination” drills engaging both hand-eye skills and cognitive recognition. Participants who finish both the classroom and range portions will receive a Certificate of Completion.