Prohibited Items

Listed below are items that members of the public are prohibited from possessing while on County property:

  • Any firearm or ammunition;
  • Any offensive weapon as defined by 18 Pa. C.S.A. 908 (c);
  • Any weapon or instrument of crime as defined by 18 Pa. C.S.A. 907;
  • All knives or sharpened blades of any length;
  • Explosive devices, including firecrackers, supplies, detonating devices, fuses, or equipment;
  • Replicas of any of the items defined above including, but not limited to, starter pistols and toy guns; and
  • Any object, instrument, item, or device which the Director of the Security Department, or designee, in their professional judgment, determines creates a present danger to property, personnel, or visitors to County property. 
  • Cameras and video recording equipment are prohibited unless prior approval is granted.

Items which are legal to possess, but are not permitted in county buildings, will be stored at the security checkpoint and returned to you upon departure.