How Do I?
 I lost something in the Courthouse. How do I check to see if it has been turned in?

​Call the Security Department during normal business hours at (717) 334-6781 extension #312

 Is there anything I can do to make processing through Security easier?

​Leave unnecessary items at home or locked in your car. The average time to process through security is about two minutes.

 What if I get to the door and realize I have something that is not allowed inside?

​Let the security officer at the checkpoint know. If the item is legal to possess, the officer will secure the item until you depart the facility.

 Where do I park at the Courthouse?

​There is metered parking on Baltimore, Middle, and High Streets. A small municipal lot is located at 34 East Middle Street and there is a parking garage located on Race Horse Alley which is two blocks north of the Courthouse.