Entry Procedures

Here is what you should expect when entering the ADAMS COUNY COURTHOUSE:

  1. Normal business hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  2. Proceed to the public entrance located at 117 Baltimore Street            
  3. An officer will greet you at the security checkpoint.


  • Listen closely to their instructions, this will hasten the process.
  • The security officer must examine cell phones and other electronic devices before you proceed through the checkpoint.
    Remove all items from your pockets and place them into your purse, backpack, etc. Otherwise, place those objects into the plastic bins provided at the security desk. Please leave any unnecessary metal items in your car or at home.
  • If you have a prohibited item in your possession, you will be required to surrender it during your visit. You must retrieve this item at the security desk upon departure from the courthouse.
  • Your hand carried items will be X-rayed as you walk through the metal detector. The metal detector is non-invasive and will not affect medical devices. Advise the officer if you prefer to be checked with the handheld.
  • If the walk through metal detector alarms, the officer will conduct a secondary inspection with the handheld.
  • Once you and your belongings have been checked, you may proceed to your destination.