Requirements for Recording

We ask that you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of all recorded documents.

  • Forms of payment accepted: cash or check. Please make your checks payable to Adams County Recorder of Deeds. NOTE: If your check is over the recording fee amount, we will keep up to $10.00 of the overage (effective September 16, 2013). If your check is more than $10.00 over the recording fee, we will not be able to record your documents. The documents will be returned to you and a new check will need to be issued.
  • We do not have any margin requirements for any documents submitted for recording. We do accept recordings on both legal (8"x14") and letter (8"x11") size paper.
  • We do not require parcel identification numbers or the physical address of the property on documents being submitted for recording.
  • We do require that a TOWNSHIP/BOROUGH be referenced on recorded documents.
  • We do require that the certificate of residence be referenced and signed on: deeds, mortgages and assignment of mortgages.
  • We do require 3 checks (2 checks for the transfer tax and 1 check for the recording fee) for a deed transfer with realty transfer tax.
  • Subdivison Plans - We require that all subdivision plans submitted for recording must be mylar (plastic) and be by 18" x 24". Also, the subdivision plans must be signed by the township supervisors or borough council and by the Adams County Planning Commission. NOTE: Subdivision plans must be recorded within 90 days of the approval (date of the signature of supervisors/council) of the township/borough.
  • Notary Public - The day you come to be sworn in as notary, please bring your completed bond and power of attorney; otherwise, we will be unable to process your paperwork. NOTE: There is a filing fee of $35.50 to file your paperwork. After being sworn in as notary in our office you will need to immediately go to the Prothonotary's office to complete the process of becoming a notary.