How Do I?
 Are military discharge records available to the public?

​No, they are not. There is a privacy act on these.

 Do I receive a new deed after I build my house?

​No, the deed is for property (land) only.

 Do you have a deed for my mobile home or trailer?

​This office would only have a copy of the deed if you own the land that the mobile home/trailer is located on. For a title to a mobile home or trailer you would need to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. (1-800-932-4600)

 Do you send my original deed to me once my mortgage is completely paid?

​No, you should have received your deed shortly after you purchased your home.

 How do I access land records on-line?

​You can access our website by simply clicking on "Public Records Search" (found to the left-side of the Recorder of Deeds homepage). To create an account, click on the option under "sign-in". Select which subscription fits your needs. Please note that there is no additional charge for the time you are on the website or for the copies you will be printing off the website.

 How do I eRecord with your County?

At this time, we do not eRecord.

 How do I get a copy of my deed (or other documents)?

​You may come into our office or request copies through the mail for a fee of $.25 per page or you may access your records on our website and pay the daily subscription fee of $10.00.

 How do I have a name added or removed on my deed?

​A new deed is required to change names. We suggests that you contact an attorney or abstracting company to assist you with having a new deed prepared.

 How do I know how current the office is with processing recordings?

​Our "certified dates" (which can be located on the Certified Dates tab at the top of our Public Records Search screen) is the date that all work has been recorded, scanned, indexed and verified up to. Keep in mind that the document you are looking for may have been recorded after the certified date but is in the process of being completed to be released to the public. You still may be able to view a portion of the index of the particular filing depending upon where it is at in the recording process. A document may be referenced Incomplete or Not Verified these references indicate that the document is in the middle of being completed.

 How do I know if a deed transfer is exempt from transfer tax?

​You can contact our office and we may be able to assist you with your question or we may direct you to call the Realty Transfer Tax Division - State of Pennsylvania at (717) 783-8104.

 How do I know if my mortgage is paid off?

​The lender will submit a satisfaction piece to be recorded, which explains the mortgage is paid in full. The lender may or may not send you a copy of the satisfaction piece, it is their discretion. You may contact our office to verify if your mortgage has been satisfied.

 How do I know when to expect the original recorded documents returned back to me?

​All recorded original documents are returned two week from the date it was recorded.