The Prothonotary is statutorily responsible for filing, paper flow and record management of the Adams County Civil Court system. The following are examples of some of the types of matters handled by this office: civil suits, Magisterial District Justice civil appeals, license suspension appeals, administrative agency appeals, condemnation and eminent domain proceedings, judgments and liens (mechanics, municipal, county, state and federal), change of name, administers oaths and affixes and attests the seal of the court to all the certifications and exemplifications of all documents and records pertaining to the business of the Court.
The Prothonotary is also an Acceptance Agency for passport application.

Passport Applications - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (ONLY)

The Prothonotary and Employees are not Attorneys and are not Permitted to:
  • Give Legal Advice
  • Answer Any Questions With Regard To Any Forms Or Self-Help Packets Provided By This Office Or The Court
  • Advise You How To Process Or Proceed With Your Case

    If You Have A Legal Question Consult An Attorney Or Contact The PA Lawyer Referral
    Service At 1-800-692-7375.

Please TURN OFF your cell phones before entering our office. 
Filing fees are payable by cash, checks or money orders.