Environmental Services
In 1988 Pennsylvania enacted the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101), which requires counties to plan for the management of municipal waste within their boundaries. Under Act 101, the primary responsibility of the County is to ensure the availability of adequate processing and disposal capacity of municipal waste generated within the County.

Municipalities are responsible for the collection and transportation of municipal waste. Municipalities with a population greater than 5,000 and a population density of more than 300 people per square mile are also required to implement a mandatory curbside recycling program. Other municipalities provide voluntary recycling programs through the contracted waste collector or the Adams County Rescue Mission. 

The Office of Planning & Development coordinates recycling and solid waste efforts within the County in the following ways:

Under the Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108 of 2010), after January 23, 2013, computers, monitors, televisions, etc. may no longer be disposed with municipal waste in PA.

Unused and expired medications may now be disposed of at one of Adams County's permanent medication drop-off boxes!