Subdivision and Land Development Reviews and Submission
*If you are submitting a subdivision / land development plan, Municipal Request For Review, or other document for review, we recommend that the Electronic Submission Guidelines are followed. Please do not email review documents to an individual staff member. This will ensure that multiple staff are notified of the submission. If you have questions or need help, please call the office 717-337-9824.*  
Submitting Subdivision and Land Development Plans
The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Act 247, requires all proposals for subdivision and land development to be submitted to the Adams County Office of Planning & Development (ACOPD) for review prior to municipal action. The County prepares an advisory review during the 30-day period following receipt of a complete application. The review is forwarded to the municipality. Each municipality makes final approval on all proposals.

Municipal Request for Review
Applications for subdivision and/ or land development require a Request for Review form. This form must be signed by the municipality and accompany the plan.

A review fee is required for most subdivision and/ or land development applications. The 30-day review period does not begin until the correct fee is paid. The fees listed on the ACOPD Fee Schedule apply to subdivision and/ or land development plans submitted to the Office of Planning & Development for review by cash or check. Electronic and credit card payment options will be available in the near future. For assistance with the fee schedule, please call the Office at (717) 337-9824.


​​Guidelines For Electronic Submission
​ACOPD Fee Schedule
​​Municipal Request For Review Form

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