The Office of Planning and Development reviews and reports on several types of land use applications. These applications include those required by the following legislation:

Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC)
MPC (Act 247 of 1967, as amended)
Advisory reviews for comprehensive plans, land use controls, and other activities authorized by the MPC.
Comments are prepared for:  
  • Subdivision and Land Development Plans.
  • Municipal and Multi-Municipal: Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision and Land
    Development Ordinances (SALDO), and amendments.  
  • Official Maps
  • Municipal activities identified in Section 304 of the MPC. 

Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act
Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537 of 1966, As Amended)  
Act 537 was enacted to correct sewage disposal problems and prevent future problems through planning for all types of sewage facilities and permitting of community and individual on-lot disposal systems (OLDS).
Reviews are prepared for:

  • Municipal Act 537 Plans and updates
  • Planning Modules amending Act 537 plans    

Acts 67, 68, and 127
Acts 67, 68, and 127 of 2000  
These Acts amended the MPC to encourage sound planning at the local level and required state agencies to consider land use ordinances and comprehensive plans in their decisions.

Agricultural Security Areas (ASA)  
Agricultural Security Area (ASA) Law 
The Adams County Planning Commission provides recommendations on applications proposing the creation
of a new Agricultural Security Area (ASA), additions or modifications to existing ASAs, and Seven Year
Reviews of ASAs. ​