Municipal Zoning Enforcement

​The Office of Planning and Development provides zoning ordinance enforcement services to municipalities in accordance with Community Assistance Planning Program (CAPP) contracts between the municipality and ACOPD. ACOPD currently has a contract with:

  • East Berlin Borough   

Zoning Permits
Anyone proposing new structures, building additions, signs, and changes in use of a property must apply for and receive a zoning permit for their respective municipality.

Zoning Hearing Board
East Berlin Borough and Abbottstown Borough have each appointed a Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with provisions of the Municipalities Planning Code. The Zoning Hearing Boards hear requests for variances, special exceptions, appeals of Zoning Officer determinations, as well as other requests authorized under the MPC.  The Boards meets on an “as needed” basis following receipt of an Application for Hearing. 

Applications for zoning permits, hearings, and other zoning enforcement procedures are subject to a fee schedule enacted by each municipality.