Map Gallery

​The maps in the Gallery below are some of the maps available to the public for download. Click on the image or map title for a .pdf of the map to view or print. These maps were created by the Adams County Office of Planning and Development and are for informational purposes only. For larger prints or custom maps, please contact the GIS Division at 717-337-9824. Maps and copies are subject to the GIS Price List.   

Some of our maps are available as web apps. These applications allow the user to interact with the map and create a more customized experience or view.



Roads, Municipalities, Public Facilities.

​ ​Map of Adams County
School Districts 
Area within the 6 public school districts.
School District 

Preserved Farms, LCAC Easements, etc.

Search and view current easements in the 'Protected Lands' tab of Explore Adams app.

Protected Land 

Hydrologic Features

Surface water and watersheds.​​


Hydrologic Features
Agricultural Preservation Priority Areas​

Priority levels as of August 2018.
Ag Preservation Priority Areas

Zip Codes

Areas of Adams County within each zip code.​

Zip Codes

Census Geography

Boundaries of 2010 Census Tracts, Block Groups, Census Designated Places.​

Census Geography

Magisterial Districts

Magisterial District Court numbers and the municipalities they serve.

Find the address and get directions to each office.

Magistrial Districts