Interactive Mapping

Adams County has several public, interactive GIS mapping applications:


  • Adams County Tax Parcel Viewer and
  • Explore Adams
The Adams County Tax Parcel Viewer provides general tax assessment information for Adams County parcels. Parcels may be searched by property location, parcel ID, or deed reference. Currently, some web maps are not displaying properly in Microsoft Edge browsers.



Explore Adams is an interactive mapping site that allows the user to customize an experience based on their interests. Subsets of information include: Floodplains, Protected Lands, Natural Features, Recreation & Culture, and a tab with All County Features. Parcels are on available to view on each tab and reports may be printed from the Floodplains and All County Features tabs. Click here for a Quick Tour of the Explore Adams app or from the 'About' (i) button on each map.  



The Planning Office has begun to convert some of the County maps into interactive apps. County map pdfs are also available for download through the Map Gallery.


    * If you are having problems with the sites, first please try clearing your browsing history. Some applications do not   work properly in Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are still having issues, please contact the Office of Planning & Development, GIS Division