Funding Resources

Adams County Funding Resource Directory

This directory provides information on primarily non-state and federal funding sources.

Grant Programs Administered through Adams County Office of Planning & Development

ACOPD administers applications and provides assistance to the recipients of several grant programs whose goal is to fund activities that will benefit disabled or low-income persons, expand the supply of decent, affordable housing and address homelessness.   


Adams County Community Foundation

The Adams County Community Foundation is a public charitable foundation created by and for the people of Adams County, PA, where many donors join together to make the county and surrounding region they love a better place, today and for future generations.  The Adams County Community Foundation manages funds for a broad range of grants and scholarships available to Adams County residents and organizations.  

The primary source for funding information in PA. This directory provides an overview of funding opportunities available through state agencies and departments and also provides direction in locating valuable searching and writing resources. allows organizations to electronically research and apply for competetive grant opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies.

Partnership for Sustainable Communities; An Interagency Partnership HUD | DOT | EPA

This resource guide provides an overview of HUD, DOT, and EPA funding and technical assistance programs available to communities to implement the principles of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which are to provide people with a variety of housing and transportation choices, attract economic opportunity, safeguard public health, and protect clean air and water.


EPA Water Finance Clearinghouse

The Water Finance Clearinghouse is an easily navigable web‐based portal to help communities locate information and resources that will assist them in making informed decisions for their drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs. The Water Finance Clearinghouse includes two searchable databases: one contains available funding sources for water infrastructure and the second contains resources, such as reports, weblinks, webinars etc. on financing mechanisms and approaches that can help communities access capital to meet their water infrastructure needs.