Adams County Zoning

The Adams County Zoning Ordinance is currently applied in the following municipalities:

  • Butler Township
  • Germany Township
  • Menallen Township​ 

Zoning Permits
Anyone proposing a new structure, building addition, sign, and/ or change in the use of a property in these municipalities must apply for and receive an Adams County Zoning Permit.

  • Adams County has contracted with Land and Sea Services to conduct zoning permitting and post-permit inspections.
  • Please contact Land and Sea Services at 677-7356 for more information regarding the zoning permit application and inspections. 
Zoning Hearing Board
The Adams County Commissioners have appointed an Adams County Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with the Municipalities Planning Code. The Board hears requests for variances, special exceptions, appeals of the determination of the Zoning Officer, and other requests as authorized under the MPC.  The Board meets on an “as needed” basis following receipt of a completed Application for Hearing. 


Applications for zoning permits, hearings, and other zoning enforcement procedures are subject to the Adams County Zoning Ordinance fee schedule.