Draft Butler - Arendtsville Joint Zoning Ordinance
The Arendtsville Borough and Butler Township Zoning Ordinance Steering Committee is pleased to present the Draft Joint Arendtsville Borough and Butler Township Zoning Ordinance. 
The purposes of this project are to modernize zoning regulations, streamline zoning processes, encourage reinvestment, and implement the region’s Comprehensive Plan.  This Joint Zoning Ordinance is the result of a year-long planning process by a steering committee that was comprised of community residents and business owners appointed by the Arendtsville Borough Council and Butler Township Board of Supervisors in 2017, with assistance from the Adams County Office of Planning and Development.  The draft was originally presented at a public meeting to the Arendtsville Planning Commission and Borough Council and the Butler Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on September 20, 2018
This document is a working draft that is currently under review by Arendtsville Borough and Butler Township.  Public input is welcome and encouraged so that the Zoning Ordinance reflects community wishes.  This website is one opportunity for two-way communication on the progress and contents of the Zoning Ordinance.

​Contact Information:


Adams County Office of Planning & Development

Rob Thaeler,
Principal Planner
Email: rthaeler@adamscounty.us


Arendtsville Borough

Karen Menges, Secretary
Ph: (717) 677-6009
Email: officemgr@arendtsville.org

Butler Township

Danielle Helwig, Secretary
Ph: (717) 677-6712​
Email: butlertwp@comcast.net