The Adams County Transportation Planning Organization (ACTPO) prioritizes and allocates federal, state, and local transportation funds for roads, bridges, bicycle/pedestrian safety, and public transit.

ACTPO was formed in 1999 as a Rural Planning Organization covering all of Adams County. In March of 2013, ACTPO officially became a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), due to the expansion of the Hanover Urbanized Area into Adams County.

ACTPO ​​Meeting Information ​
Contact Information:
Adams County Office of Planning & Development

Assistant Director
Comprehensive Planner
Phone: 717-337-9824

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Quarterly) 

2022 Dates:
  • ​January 26
  • April 27
  • June 22 - Adoption of TIP
  • July 27 - Adoption of LRTP
  • October 26


  • ​Visit the project page for the update to the Adams County Long Range Transportation Plan, ONWARD2050: