Adams County Planning Commission

The Adams County Planning Commission (ACPC) was established by the County Commissioners in 1965. Their purpose is to promote cooperation among planning boards, agencies, and citizens interested in planning in Adams County; encourage and stimulate public interest in state, county, local and regional planning; encourage observance of sound planning practices; exchange information, advice, and assistance among its membership; and engage in research and issue publications relative to planning to the extent of the Commission's resources.


The Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Adams County Commissioners on four-year terms. Members are selected to be geographically represented throughout Adams County, with every school district represented by at least one member of the Planning Commission. Planning Commission meetings and members follow the Bylaws adopted November 16, 2005


Hybrid Format
In Person at the Adams County Agricultural and Natural Resources Center or via phone through the Call-In option listed in the Agenda.

7:00 PM​, 3rd Wednesday of the Month​




John Lerew, Chair
Latimore Township​  |  BSSD
Year Appointed: 1978
Term: 11  Expires: 12/31/2023
Melvin Lebo, Vice-Chair
Hamilton Township​  |  CVSD
Year Appointed: 2004
Term: 5  Expires: 12/31/2024
Tom Streiff
Huntington Township​  |  BSSD
Year Appointed: 2021
Term: 1  Expires: 12/31/2022​

Charles "Skip" Strayer
Straban Township​  |  GASD
Year Appointed: 2010
Term: 4  Expires: 12/31/2024

Jim Morhaleck
Union Township  |  LASD
Year Appointed: 2021
Term: 1  Expires: 12/31/2022
Adams County Office of Planning & Devlopment Staff:
Assistant Director

Comprehensive Planner


SLD Submissions

Submitted Subdivision & Land Development Plan reports and map.

Richard Crouse
Butler Township  |  UASD
Year Appointed: 2001
Term: 5  Expires: 12/31/2022 
William Smith, Jr.
McSherrystown Borough  |  CVSD
Year Appointed: 2008
Term: 3  Expires: 12/31/2023
David Arndt, Jr.
Mt. Pleasant Twp  |  LASD
Year Appointed: 2021
Term: 1  Expires: 12/31/2023

Edward Kaplan 

Carroll Valley Borough  |  FASD
Year Appointed: 2015
Term: 3  Expires: 12/31/2024 


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