Veterans' Burial Site Project
In 2009, the Veterans Affairs Office, requested maps of County cemeteries. These maps were intended to be used to assist with the planning and coordination of American Flag placement on veteran burial locations.  These maps have been requested annually to assist in American flag placement. To modernize the process, County GIS staff suggested mapping specific burial locations using GPS equipment and software. Due to some inconstancies in the Veteran Affairs’ database, the project was deferred until a later date.
In 2015, the GIS Division revisited the idea of starting a Veterans’ Burial Project; primarily so interns could gain GPS experience. The GIS Division understood that this would be a massive undertaking, but in addition to GPS experience, incoming interns would also gain experience working on a major, large-scale project. With a refreshed perspective and support from the current Veterans Affairs Director, Stan Clark, the GIS Division felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to begin the County of Adams Veterans’ Burial Site Project.
According to Pennsylvania's Act 130 of 1955, "The County Code", Section 1922 states that American Flags are required to be displayed on all veteran burial sites in Pennsylvania from the Friday before Memorial Day up till the first business day after the Fourth of July. The current practice for flag placement includes little to no mapping or knowledge of precise locations of the burial sites that are required to have flags displayed. The County of Adams Veterans’ Burial Site Project is meant to assist with accurately mapping veterans buried within Adams County, PA through the use of GPS equipment and software. 
Adams County Planning staff and interns visit cemeteries within the County between May and September in order to collect location points and field information. When not collecting data in the field, employees and interns work on verifying and readying the data for use in interactive mapping and flag placement.
After some time, the GIS Division came to the conclusion that the project was ready to be shared with the public. With the rich history of military service in Adams County, the Planning Office, Veterans Affairs, and County Commissioners hope the public will be excited to explore this information through the interactive map.



Click here to view the County of Adams Veterans' Burial Site Project interactive map.

If you have a relative or loved one in the mapped database (i.e. they can be found in a cemetery that has been field collected) and have information that is missing or incorrect, please submit an Information Submission Form. Please give as much information as possible when completing the form. If possible, attach any documentation, such as an obituary.
For individuals that are not present in collected cemetery locations, please contact Stan Clark to verify the individual is included in the Veterans’ Affairs ​database. If you have a relative that is not part of the database and has been buried in Adams County, the Veterans’ Affairs office will assist up in adding them to our system.


​Contact information:

Adams County Office of Planning & Development - GIS Division

Alicia Paulus,
GIS Analyst & Intern Coordinator

Adams County Veterans Affairs

Stan Clark, Director