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The mission of the Adams County Information Technology Department is to support the strategic goals of the organization by providing quality products and services to our customers, both internally and externally. In order to support this effort, the Strategic Information Technology Plan will identify strategic technological goals that will ensure their success. The plan will address the upcoming three years of technological objectives and will be updated annually. In addition, the plan will also provide a strategy to address compliance with regulatory requirements and improvements in business practices. The Plan identifies the following as key strategic initiatives, Quality Business Practices, Quality Associates, and Optimize Infrastructure.

The Information Technology Department is strongly committed to supporting the achievement of these goals. The department will deploy services and systems that enable the effective use of both data and technology. This will be accomplished by providing an infrastructure that enhances communication and expands performance capabilities. During the past year the department has successfully implemented several initiatives to ensure the integrity of the corporate computing infrastructure and customer data. The initiatives have included the implementation of virtual desktops, enhanced system security, and the development of a mobile responsive county web site. The department is also working towards ensuring compliance to best practices to provide a standardized delivery method to products and services. The department will continue to refresh and promote new technologies for network, operating systems, and hardware components. In addition to the infrastructure, software standardization is encouraged when analyzing newer products for global distribution. The Information Technology Department will continue to analyze technological advances and confer with strategic vendors to ensure the products are properly aligned with the county culture and strategic goals of Senior Management.[Read More]
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Phillip Walter, Director
County of Adams​
Information Technology​
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Phone:​ 717-337-9810​
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