Election Resources 2020
Deadline Alert: 04/13/2020 is the last day to register before the 04/28/2020 election.

General Primary - April 28, 2020
What to Expect at the Polls 
Do not discuss any political subjects inside the polling place. When entering the polls, the Election Officials at the table may ask your name, address, and possibly your birth date.  In the Primaries you may also be asked your party affiliation. After determining you are eligible to vote, you will be asked to sign your name in the poll book.  When doing this, check your address listed.  If it is incorrect tell the Official, who will give you a Change of Address Form. After signing your name, you will be given a Ballot and a secrecy sleeve. Before entering the voting booth, if you are unsure of the instructions, ask one of the Election Officials for clarification. To begin voting, slide your ballot out of the sleeve and mark your ballot with the pen provided. If you make a mistake, notify the Election Official and you will be given another ballot. When you have completed voting, place your ballot back in the sleeve and take your ballot to the precinct scanner.  Remove the numbered stub from your ballot and deposit it in the precinct scanner.  PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have placed your ballot in the precinct scanner, your vote has been cast and you cannot be issued another ballot.