September 13, 2013 Update

Adams County 800 MHz Public Safety Radio Network Project Update
September 13, 2013
While much of the work on the County’s new 800 MHz digital public safety radio system has been carrying on behind the scenes over the past year, Department of Emergency Services personnel say that construction work and equipment placement should begin in earnest before the end of the year.
During the past eight months, County legal counsel has been busy completing lease agreements with tower site land owners and cellular companies where the County will locate equipment.  County officials and engineers have been meeting with municipal planning commissions, zoning hearing boards and elected officials where transmission towers will be located and these meetings will continue for several more months.
The Radio System Working Group continues to meet as needed to help keep radio system end users updated on the progress of the new system.  They, in turn, share progress reports with key constituents including fire fighters, police officers, fire police, emergency medical personnel, 9-1-1 dispatchers and municipal officials.  Another subcommittee of this group also meets regularly; their task is to help establish radio talk group protocols.
Earlier in the summer, a small subcommittee of the Working Group attended “System Staging” in Schaumburg, IL where they participated in a two and half day series of tests of the new system which was set up in a Motorola facility.  It was the group’s first look at the system and the system’s capabilities.  The testing was both successful and educational.
While project officials hope for a mild winter so that tower work can move forward and equipment hung, the County still expects completion of the entire project sometime later in 2014.
John Eline
Director of Emergency Services​