High Hazard Dams

The county has twelve (12) High Hazard Dams that could affect residents.

  • Antietam - Hamiltonban Township
  • Carbaugh Run - Franklin Township
  • Granite Lake Dam - Straban Township
  • Highland Farms Dam - Latimore Township
  • Lake Heritage - Mt. Joy Township
  • Lake Meade - Reading/Latimore Township
  • Lawrence Baker Sheppard Dam - West Manheim Township, York County
  • Long Pine Run - Franklin Township
  • Section F (Lake May) - Carroll Valley Borough
  • Section K - Carroll Valley Borough
  • Sheppard Myers Dam - West Manheim Township, York County
  • Williams Dam - Hamiltonban Township 

Emergency Action Plan 
A copy of the Emergency Action Plan for the above dams are available for inspection.  
Dam Safety from the PA DEP